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Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi, born October 5, 1952, is a Pakistani politician and former cricketer. He holds a complex and multi-faceted profile, having significantly impacted Pakistan’s political and social landscape. Here’s a breakdown of his accomplishments:

About Imran Khan, the former cricket star who became Prime Minister at the center of a political storm in Pakistan who was removed from office last year. And now they are facing more than a hundred legal cases. And on May 9, he was arrested for a short time. Due to which there was a huge protest and violence, he is the victim of a conspiracy to get him out of politics. What is happening right now is not because of me

 People in Pakistan are really divided on Imran Khan. His supporters see him as the only hope of his country. Iran has essentially become one. A prophet of change while his opponents accuse him of spreading lies and fueling a toxic style of politics. It became a two-sided rhetorical battle of good versus evil.

Who is Imran Khan? Why is it so divided and why is the politics of Pakistan like this? 

 At this time of chaos, let’s first go to Imran Khan’s backstory. He was born in an upper class family in Lahore and went to an elite high school from which he received his education from Oxford University in England but it was his cricket career. That made him a superstar.

Foreign In 1992, he led Pakistan to victory in its first and only World Cup. And then retired from the game, easily the greatest Pakistani cricketer of all time and a very glamorous cricketer too whose glamor certainly brought him the attention of high society in London.

By the early 90s he was hanging out with rock stars and royalty and married into a British aristocrat. But he was also busy in charity work.

 They were collecting money to open a cancer hospital in Lahore. And here was a cricketer trying to provide a public icon in memory of his late mother. Free cancer care in a country where it was not accessible to most people and then translated into a talk in which he talked about the role of corruption in improving governance and then politics in 1996. In his entry, Imran Khan started his political party, Pakistan Tarik.


 For Tehreek-e-Insaf, he styled himself as an outsider on the anti-corruption mission. But his political career didn’t really take off until 2011. At the same time, when he held two rallies in Lahore and Karachi, thousands of people came forward that he was promising to bring. A new type of politics for Pakistan and seven years later this message helped him to be elected Prime Minister, God willing. Now till Han came into the picture, politics was dominated by two parties and two and two families.

 The Bhutto family belongs to the People’s Party. And the Sharif family is linked to the PML-N, the party of incumbent Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.For years, the two sides have been shifting a pattern in power that Han was determined to break to break the grip of dynastic politics in Pakistan. Very popular among young Pakistanis who do not see the old guard as representative of their ambitions and aspirations, they are also popular among the middle and upper middle and elite classes who believe that Pakistan has long been dominated by politically corrupt elites. Has been damaged for a long time.


Imran is our hope Now there is another layer in Pakistan’s politics that you need to know about and that is the army. Since Pakistan’s independence in 1947, there have been many military coups and the generals have directly ruled for a total of 33 years. Government but when there was a civilian government. The military still plays a large behind-the-scenes role with strong influence in their interventions

 That no government is really formed in Pakistan without their involvement and it seems that this was the case for Imran Khan as well. That the military had a lot of influence in his rise to power. This is something that the current military leadership has acknowledged. Who later came out of retirement and admitted that yes we helped Iran win and Khan actually sold himself as a candidate who could work with the military. What they saw.

 The constant conflict and tension between the civil and the military due to being on the same page is something that the people expected to come to power would end with loss. But it didn’t happen here. It’s 2018 and Imran Khan has just been elected Prime Minister.

 A very controversial election and his political opponents accused him of fraud, but Han was popular and for many it felt like a new beginning, remembering that his main concern was to tackle corruption. Which he said was the root of most of Pakistan’s problems, so he left. Many politicians and government officials were arrested during a large-scale anti-corruption campaign that won the approval of Hans’s supporters but his critics.

 that it was one-sided and that he was only targeting his political opponents, although Han denied that he was engaged. Another criticism was that Han’s approach gave rise to a kind of corruption. The vindictive and divisive political environment and this made compromise a bad word whether you were all with Khan or you were anti-Khan for whatever reason Khan made the conversation with him extremely divisive and some of the politics. The hateful style will be called. This is reflected in the language he used to harass his opponents and accuse them of being thieves and thieves.

 Now the economy was a big problem. When Han was the prime minister, he inherited a lot of problems. Among them was a major debt crisis. And they had to deal with it. Even with covid, but most importantly, the living conditions of most Pakistanis did not improve under the sword of hyperinflation and the currency depreciated as the economic stress made people question how You know what this mantra of hope and change was? about and I think after that his overall popularity started to decline

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You’re democratic, you are also right, these things were being affected, the good people were put in jails, such things, but the economy was also being affected, and along with these things, Imran’s relations with the army also started. Friendship It’s hard to know now how Han’s relationship with the military broke down because it’s kind of behind the scenes stuff, but after a few years with Hanna’s prime minister, tensions did arise, it seems the way the military saw things. She was not happy about it.

The economy was in bad shape. And while Hans seemed to be on his way with a more anti-Western outlook on foreign policy, there was also disagreement over the intelligence chief, who was due to leave his job after three years in line with military policy. Khan wanted them to stay. It was the straw that, if not the camel’s back, really made things right. Since then, it has always been an unequal marriage whenever a politician or The political party has formed an alliance with the Pakistan Army.

By 2022 it always hurt. It was very clear that the army was pulling back and pulling their support from Khan so that the opposition parties could go after him. Shabat Sharif became the Prime Minister in his place. Wazir, what happened since then, Imran Khan who says he is fighting against him is a conspiracy to remove him from power. Within months, an American conspiracy was revealed. It has moved from a conspiratorial hatch across the broad to a home-grown conspiracy.

 He has also told the serving army chief because of some personal grudge against him that he had taken out huge rallies across Pakistan in one of which he was shot. leg and say it was an assassination attempt. Now Han is calling for general elections, which are constitutionally due by October, but Han says his opponents are using a mountain of more than 100 legal cases. Trying to delete. Every other day some case comes up and appears in the court, which includes all kinds of charges from corruption to terrorism and even trying to kill the military establishment. I will win. So you know they are doing everything to make sure. That I’m out of the running, that a conviction on one of them would disqualify him as an Asian, I think is what they’re trying to do.


It got very dramatic. In May, when Khan was arrested in connection with a case, the anger against Imran Khan’s arrest turned into violent clashes. Not at a distance. The police line and since the violence has led to the detention of thousands of people associated with Han’s party, including senior leaders, a far-reaching crackdown has undoubtedly come down hard on the state of Imran and his party banner. , the government is using the same tactics it tried to use against itself. has taken things to the next level for him and his supporters

Imran Khan is the ultimate political victim and whatever has happened in the last one year has actually boosted his popularity in every way. Imran Khan is the most popular politician in Pakistan today. It seems to be agreed that if the election is held tomorrow, he will win

 So Imran Khan is as popular as he’s ever been and disillusioned with the current government as Shab-e-Barat Sharif probably has something to do with the fact that there is complete economic growth. Crisis Pakistan is running out of foreign currency and could soon default on its loans if it can’t get more loans, and millions of people are still dealing with the aftermath of last year’s floods.

 which submerged one-third of the country while this brutal political battle is going on and there are many other pressing issues which have brought four million people below the poverty line and I don’t think Pakistan has any political or Institutionally, any class of aristocracy, including the military. The answer to solving these problems and this is the real tragedy is that there is complete chaos and it is easy to blame Imran Khan on foreign forces or this class or that class and the partial merits of all these accusations. I know, but in the end it is the people who are bearing the brunt of it. Are the people of Pakistan as a whole? See our final explanation of why Arab countries are cooperating with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Read More


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