Saw X (2023): A Worthy Addition to the Franchise

The horror genre has long relied on the “Saw” franchise, which is renowned for its disturbing traps, complex storylines, and mysterious Jigsaw figure. Fans and horror enthusiasts have been anxiously anticipating another opportunity to be scared and thrilled with “Saw X” release in 2023. Does this installment, however, live up to the standards set by its forerunners? We’ll examine “Saw X” in this review to see if it’s a good fit for the franchise. Read More

Audience reviews 

  • IMDB: 7.5/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 80% fresh
  • Saw X brought back the thrilling mix of tension and surprise that fans love, transporting me back to the gripping atmosphere of the first Saw movies. It was nostalgic to watch Tobin Bell return to his legendary role as Jigsaw, and there were several shocks I won’t reveal.

Reviews by critics

According to Variety, “Saw X is a well-made and thought-provoking horror film that is sure to please fans of the genre.”
The Hollywood Reporter says, “Saw X is a worthy addition to the Saw franchise, with some truly disturbing scenes and a surprisingly thought-provoking plot.” “Horror enthusiasts should not miss Saw X. It’s a well crafted and thought-provoking movie that will stick with you for a long time.” Read Also 

A Return to Form: Traps and Torture

When it comes to its signature traps and graphic situations, “Saw X” doesn’t hold back. The movie puts the characters through a number of physically demanding and ethically challenging tasks, all of which are meant to try their will to live. As devious and convoluted as ever, the traps highlight the franchise’s propensity for inventive—if gory—creativity.

In summary

A worthy addition to the Saw series is Saw X. It’s a cleverly crafted horror movie with some really unsettling moments. Newcomers to the franchise could be pleasantly surprised, and fans of the franchise will undoubtedly be happy.


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