Japanese Katana: The Most FAMOUS Weapon In History!

So far we’ve asked you to craft and craft a custom weapon that you must craft to forge and claim the Fire Crown. And you should make our mystery weapon one of the most popular.

And the venerable weapon from history is the Japanese katana. The katana is the traditional weapon of the samurai, the great class of warriors in feudal Japan. Since about 800 AD, the katana was formed from hundreds of thin layers of the purest steel. which was available at a quick draw of the sword. Suitable for combat where life versus death depends on this weapon. Which you used in war for centuries. And the katana has taken on many legendary qualities in mythology and culture from its ability to cut with swords to cutting hair and is the sword of choice.

For roles in mega hits like Kill Bill and The Walking Dead Good Luck Gentleman See You In Five Days My name is Amir Greenwood By day I work at swimming pools and by night I’m a blades mith I’m absolutely amazed that At every stage of the competition I made it this far I thought this is it I’m going home with five days I think I can really prove myself I have no power hammer no pressure Everything is by hand, my goal is to achieve.

 blade where I can put it out so what I’m doing here I’m breaking all the sharp edges because you have a sharp edge you’ve got a much better chance of breaking something where all this happens it hit me will put or it will take me here that we will go about four seconds into quenching I heard a loud tick I knew it was several cracks on the tip I had heated the blade too much before quenching it and when You’ve got a very hot blade and you throw it in cold water and it breaks. I wouldn’t say it’s all gone.

Now I’m going to bust my ass and I’m going to try and make something I’m proud of this is my last shot to be in the competition again this blade ain’t alive I’m getting ready I’m now Quenching my name is Matthew Parkinson I’ve been a blacksmith for 15 years I’m going for a full hardened blade so strong and so thin it should be better than anything anyone can put on a table that heats up. Ready for the cure I’m gonna slide my blade in there at about 600 degrees. I’m gonna bring it up and let it be well. I’m doing this for my son, I’m doing this for him to be on me. Be proud to see what Dad is doing sitting in the store right now.

Japanese Katana The Most FAMOUS Weapon In History!

I love the sword, I’m still a little afraid of the judges finding out that I’m going to cut a couple of balls of water to make sure the geometry is good, which was a successful test cut. good sword to gauge how your blade will hold up against a meat dog full of fish is yours let’s put it to the test good it will cut yes will it be good in a slice but the recovery is a little heavy but still felt like it would give me a close shave good job mate are you ready yeah it doesn’t cut and i’m a little confused by it i don’t know why it didn’t cut it Felt very good it is very light.

It has a very good bounce to it and it will now cut. For the kill test we have a ballistics dummy that closely mimics the organs and tissues of the human form. With the help of I can find the gaps between the armor. I will try it with my blade to see how well it works in rich Europe. First, let’s take a look at how the thrust and the piece got to the internals here and the bullet went deep. As far as getting into the liver I think it’s fine on the kill test Matt will kill Europe yeah of course he’s got a nice big puncture here that’s going to take the liver out I think.

 That it has passed the nail test both of you brought here the deadly weapons of war but now it’s time to lock and load gentlemen as for a test of strength we are leaving the forge we are heading to the gun range. Alright guys this is the last exam of fake and fire championship. The test of strength is going to test the ability of your weapons to split a bullet, your swords are going to be locked in a vice then we’re going to shoot your blade all right mate you’re ready break it three two an oh angej yes well done mate your sword split a bullet with no damage to the edge a true sign of your craftsmanship thanks very well ok amir when will you be next I looked at him, cocked the gun and was ready to shoot that blade.

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 Go there’s a little doubt in the back of my mind thinking it’s not going to survive it’s three two it’s a good engagement oh yeah it’s great wow oh yeah good I love it the blade didn’t even move it split The only bullet I couldn’t be happier with is no marks on the blade at all no stickiness at all everything looks great thanks congratulations guys you should be proud of the work you have done cause A judge’s decision alone is very difficult. We will see you at Forg emate in just five days Amir you have fake beautiful and deadly Japanese Katan but there can only be one winner of the ten thousand dollar match you are the Forge to Fire Champion Congratulations Amir what did you wish If you did a little more work, you let the handle get a little thinner and it was roughly the same ratio on all sides.

So I know you’ve been pressed for time but it took a bullet and it’s something to be really proud of which I feel a little bit disappointed about but better blade smiths want that Matt congrats to you Forge and fire are the champions. You’re about to claim the ten thousand dollar check. How do you think it’s great? Your blade isn’t beautiful, it’s just beautiful, but it cuts through fish and through ballistic dummies so fast. Went to take the great job blade apart for a kill test, I was very impressed with your setup parallel to the handle, it was accurate and we get a good grip. It’s so well done it’s such a rush I want to drive home and kiss my son I’m your forge and fire champion


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