All China’s Dynasties explained in One Page (5,000 years of Chinese History)

Foundations of Chinese History

Chinese history has been centered between its great rivers, particularly the Yangtze River valley in the south and the Yellow River in the north. I have a large amount of food.

 As the cultures of cultivating a variety of crops and domesticating animals became increasingly sophisticated, the Lum Shan introduced the production of silk and created an improved form of strong yet extremely thin pottery with machine-like precision. were extremely vulnerable to flooding from the great rivers. All the semi-mythical Xia family’s lone shot could have caused thousands to die from an unexpected flood. Who used to save cities from floods through modern irrigation techniques. And the production of crops was further increased. This probably enabled the first emperors to rule over multiple peoples.

It is said to be fed and protected from natural calamities. that they have the Mandate of Heaven Xia will be conquered by the Shang These highly warlike people brought the Middle East fully into the Bronze Age and into history because they were the first to initiate large-scale. They were known for their cruelty and included a large number of slaves in their armies. They would be conquered by the Zhuo dynasty aided by many slaves to defect from the Shang to join their cause the long-lived Zhu dynasty saw some radical growth.

Institutions within society were primarily the philosophies of Taoism, which advocated humility and religious piety for a harmonious and fulfilling life, and Confucianism, which emphasized living a rational life as the most fulfilling of all complex accomplishments. The largest system of was also developed. Seventy semi-independent states paid tribute to one.

Emperors over the centuries these states fostered the identity of independent cultures and the division of the empire into states, as a result of centuries of chaos, the state embroiled in near-constant war with each other under Qin Shihuang united all under heaven and It is considered the first state.

A leader of a unified China is said to have ordered mass burnings of books and executed scholars to erase the histories of individual states so that the nation would have a single identity in one history. 

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 Ginger Huang ordered

His dynasty did not last long, building large sections of the Great Wall of China, building a grand canal connecting the north and south of the country, and building an impressive mausoleum among many other projects during his reign. Although after the death of the Qin Shi Huang dynasty. Descending into rebellion and chaos, the province of Han consolidated power and maintained a united realm. The Han were contemporary with the Roman Empire.

 They would export large quantities of silk which would be called the Silk Road because it was so profitable that they expanded the empire westward. It is considered China’s first golden age to control important trade routes. And this period saw many famous generals and scientific progress and the Han Empire eventually split into three parts. In which each emperor claimed rightful succession from Han Di Jin.

 Who were the descendants of usurping generals. On the imperial throne, he will reunify China. But their reign was rarely peaceful. And they were marked by violence and disorder, and the sixteen kingdoms divided into a local rulership were wards against each other, emerging as two long-standing rivals known in the period as the Northern and Southern Dynasties.

This period is often considered the dark ages. And it was dominated by warlords who raided the land and carried out brutal attacks. Re-established.

The Golden Age of Chinese Civilization

 The Chinese began a process of cultural assimilation of the barbarians. and migrated to China during the centuries of chaos followed by the Tang Dynasty, which largely inherited its foundations The Tang Dynasty is often considered the cradle of Chinese civilization and the second Golden Age. This era was marked by internal stability, scientific progress and cultural refinement. It was during this period. When Chinese culture spread throughout Asia, it was fueled by many merchants, artisans and philosophers from the surrounding empires. They were welcomed at courts in study halls during the Tang period. Things end. And so he began to persecute the Buddhists and became more and more authoritarian until the end of his dynasty.

And after putting down several rebellions, he was deposed in China, and the Song dynasty once again entered a period of chaos. Unified China His family is marked for its technological achievements, including the magnetic compass, gunpowder, and mass printing, which they used to create the world’s first national paper currency during the Enlightenment. A speedy end will be brought to an end.

Where the Mongols invaded and Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, would establish the Yuan Dynasty for the first time, a power that ruled the entire Silk Road connecting China to Europe, and the Yuan Dynasty established a diversity of culture and material goods. Seeing the great era that swept through China, this dynasty would be short-lived and was replaced.


This dynasty is seen by the Ming Dynasty as a prosperous time and a high point for art and literature. Ended what was first started by the British obsession with tea.

 They liked to drink it but they hated the pain of chaining ton after ton of gold and silver for it, so they devised an evil empire if ever there was one and illegally supplied China with opium. Filled when Qin banned the British opium trade.

 The British fought to ensure that opium continued to flow to China. China later stayed put and closed itself off from the West as much as possible, and in 1911 the last emperor of China was overthrown by advisers to the boy emperor. was removed from the throne under an agreement made.

 Of which they did not inform him, and pretended that he was still in Bern, for some time Imperial China was succeeded by the Republic of China. And then the People’s Republic of China has been Epimetheus if you enjoy this lightning-fast history of the death of China. I am going to hit the like button to subscribe you and share the video with my friends,

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